By Meredith Lepore
Jul 26, 2016 @ 9:30 am

What's the best way to get a celebrity to reveal their personal secrets? Make their alternative be taking bites of disgusting food. That's just what James Corden did on The Late Late Show Monday with his guests Mila Kunis and Christina Applegate who both star in the new comedy Bad Moms. The game was simple. If the player didn't want to answer their question, the other players got to pick from a revolving wheel of gross foods and liquids including clam juice, soy sauce and mayonnaise, calf brains, and cow's tongue, for them to eat. Before the game even started, vegetarian Applegate said she was having trouble.

Corden kicked things off with Kunis, who is pregnant with her second child with husband Ashton Kutcher. "Ashton Kutcher: carrot stick or beer can?" Kunis decided to answer this one and surprisingly chose "carrot stick." When Applegate and Corden looked shocked, it turns out Kunis was confused by the options. She thought a beer can was "short and stubby," but they assured her a bottle could be much bigger. Then she understood and corrected her answer. "Like a Guinness!" she added.

Applegate got an easier question as she was asked by Kunis, "What about me annoys you the most?" Applegate took the smart route by saying, "You know what annoys me? Your gorgeous eyes." Corden didn't think that was the truth, but it got her out of drinking pickle juice, so it was a success.

But Kunis wasn't so lucky with her second question. Corden asked her to explain the plot of her film Jupiter Ascending and to explain why she chose to do it. If she didn't answer, she would have to eat cow's tongue. Kunis began to try to explain it, but gave up very quickly. "Look away!" she told Applegate before taking a small bite. But it was even worse for Corden's second turn when he was asked by Applegate, "Who has been your least favorite Carpool [Karaoke]?" she said. Not a question you want to answer, especially when the alternative is eating calf's brain. "Best game ever!" said Kunis. "James, eat the calf's brain. You can't answer it!" But Corden was convinced he couldn't eat it. He started asking off stage producers if it was actually edible.

Watch the clip above to see if Corden ate the calf's brain and survived.