First Lady Michelle Obama Surprises Local Students While Kicking Off Nationwide Garden Tour

Michelle Obama Surprises Fellow D.C. Gardeners
Photo: Courtesy YouTube

Michelle Obama has been busy moonlighting as the Santa Claus of gardening. The First Lady recently kicked off a nationwide garden tour by surprising D.C.-area growers and local school kids with gift bags full of backyard gardening goodies.

The tour began with Obama popping in on a group of 5th graders at Watkins Elementary School while they made tacos and kale salad with produce from their school garden. "I want the world to see all the great things you're doing and how you're learning so much about good eating from your garden and your school," she told them.

Next, the "First Gardener" headed to John Burroughs Elementary School in Brookland where she helped students separate worms from soil.

"It's really me! I can't believe I'm sitting here digging out worms with you guys," she said to the students while she sifted through soil.

Obama's final stop in the video (below) was the garden of husband and wife team Eriks Brolis and Linda Bilsens, who have converted a lot adjacent to their home into a mini community farm.

The First Lady has been an advocate for healthy eating and the prevention of childhood obesity since she entered the White House, starting the White House Kitchen Garden on the South Lawn in 2009, and most notably founding the Let's Move! campaign in 2010.

Watch the First Lady surprise D.C. gardeners in the video above.

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