By Meredith Lepore
Jul 27, 2016 @ 9:00 am

We've seen Michael Fassbender go through a lot on screen, but never have we seen him pour a jug of ice cold water down his pants. Luckily, Jimmy Fallon thought this should happen when the actor stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday and they played a game of Frozen Blackjack. The rules are the same of a normal game of blackjack except for the twist of each hand's winner getting to pour a pitcher of ice cold water down the loser's pants, via a funnel.

Fallon, though usually great at his own games, lost the first two rounds and had to face the funnel. "Oh my God, I think a cube went down there!" Fallon said on his second turn. For the last round, Fallon wasn't going to mess around. He brought out a giant jug of freezing cold water. Though Fassbender tried to play it safe with his cards, the host pressured him to take another card. Of course, Fassbender ended up losing. "I would have been dry going home tonight! So be it." He took the giant jug of water like a champ, even when Fallon stopped using the funnel and just poured it directly on him. Watch Fassbender play Frozen Blackjack in the clip above.

Fassbender also played a round of Fallon's new favorite Swedish game, Pen in Bottle, during the show. The game was taught to him by Alicia Vikander, Fassbender's co-star in his new film, The Light Between Oceans, and girlfriend offscreen. The German-Irish actor said he had played it before and was pretty good. "It requires a good squat," he noted. "You have to do warm up exercises." All you need to play the game is an empty beer bottle and a pen which you then attach to a string and tie around your waist and let it dangle from the back.

Watch Fassbender play Pen in Bottle in the clip above.