Credit: Youtube

Actress Lily Collins grew up on her dad’s rock songs, but that doesn’t mean pop music isn’t in her arsenal. In fact, the To the Bone star has an affinity for the Spice Girls—namely their hit “Wannabe.”

In a new video for Net-a-Porter, Collins proves she knows all the words to the Spice Girls hit while impressively lip syncing along. “I will gladly be the next member. I’m telling you, even the rap part I know,” she jokes in the clip.

VIDEO: Lily Collins: "Different Is Beautiful"

Rapping “Wannabe” isn’t her only impressive talent. Collins also has a penchant for accents, and she can do a pretty convincing British one. “I usually do a British one when I’m in Starbucks or somewhere I’m getting coffee,” she said, without her accent slipping once. And her “valley girl” impersonation is not to be missed.

The multi-talented Collins also puts her famous eyebrows to the test while imitating emojis.

Watch the hilarious clip at top—it could basically double as an audition tape.