By Jonathan Borge
Jul 26, 2016 @ 10:00 am

For Kristen Bell, bringing healthy, affordable food into your home should be as easy as apple pie.

“What I know in my heart is that everyone should have access to healthy food,” the 36-year-old Bad Moms star and mother of two tells InStyle. “It creates less medical problems later, it creates a better day-to-day lifestyle because families, kids, adults are getting healthier food—they feel better, their brands work better, and their bodies work better.”

That knowledge is precisely what has driven the actress to use her platform to raise awareness about and support Thrive Market’s petition to urge the USDA to allow usage of food stamps online so that shoppers can purchase ingredients for healthy meals with the click of a button. “There’s no one that should be denied access to buying, purchasing healthy meals for their families,” Bell says. “If you’re using food stamps, you deserve to be able to make healthy food choices for your family.”

In addition to shopping in the organic food aisle, Bell keeps herself, husband Dax Shepard, and daughters Lincoln, 3, and Delta, 1, in tip-top shape by practicing sprouting (aka growing your own grains and nuts at home) and transforming often unwanted vegetables into delicious smoothies.

“Sprouting really opens up everything that the food has to offer for you as opposed to eating something that’s dormant,” she says. “If I want [my children] to eat vegetables, we throw a banana and an apple and a bunch of kale and spinach in the blender so that they feel like they’re eating a milkshake, but they’re actually getting good stuff in their bodies, good greens.”

Solid trick.

Watch the video above to see Bell hilariously showcase how almost everything—except food stamps—is available online, and visit to learn more about the petition.