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Katy Perry got a G.I. Jane makeover for her new video “Part of Me”! Gone are her quirky costumes, blue hair, exaggerated eye makeup, and pin-up look, replaced instead with fatigues, combat boots, a makeup-free face, and a hacked-off dark brown bob for her Marines-inspired video. “This song feels like one of the most aggressive songs I’ve ever put out,” she told MTV. “It’s kind of an affirmation of strength. So I wanted to go the strongest route I possibly could.” She ventured to San Diego’s Camp Pendleton Marine base to shoot over three days, got real training, used real Marines as co-stars (no actors!), and worked with real equipment. “I just wanted to really go for it,” she continued. “I want to prove my strength.” So while her “throw your bombs and your blows” lyrics tout her unbreakable soul—in this video, she sets out to prove just how indestructible she really is. Watch the clip above, and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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