Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper's Sizzling New Trailer for Serena!

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

What's one thing we think Hollywood always needs more of? Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper on screen together. Thankfully, that is once more a reality.

The duo will heat up the big screen for the third time in Serena, a Depression-era drama that tells the story of timber tycoon George Pemberton (Cooper) and his wife Serena (Lawrence). However, this is not a film about marital bliss in the backcountry of North Carolina. From what we gleaned from the trailer (check it out below), the story is rife with drama, including illegitimate children, murder, and crumbling empires—a far cry from their Silver Linings Playbook duet!

While the film has yet to get a United States release date, check out the trailer for a peek at what's to come!

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