Ellen DeGeneres Matt Lauer Pranks
Credit: Getty Images (x2)

Move over, Jimmy Kimmel, John Krasinski, and Emily Blunt, there's a new celebrity prank war in town. Ellen DeGeneres and Matt Lauer have been attempting to one-up each other with a series of pranks and, almost just in time for April Fool's Day, the talk show hosts shared the uproarious evidence on their respective shows.

A few weeks ago the Today anchor punked The Ellen DeGeneres Show host by filling her car with 20,000 ping pong balls in retaliation for her hilarious Fifty Shades of Grey gag. While Lauer's ping pong revenge may have been a riot, DeGeneres bounced back quickly and did something even more humiliating to him. After Skyping in with her after his prank, DeGeneres doctored the video to make it look like Lauer was doing some, well, not-morning-show-friendly nude antics. "I even blushed at this one," Lauer said during the Today broadcast on Tuesday.

While Lauer warned that you won't want to watch this too close after eating breakfast, it's simply too funny not to. Watch the prank war clips from both Today and The Ellen DeGeneres Show by clicking on the videos below.