The tale as old as time is getting reimagined 25 years later, and judging from Disney's first full trailer for the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, which was released Monday morning, the results are absolutely stunning.

The two-minute video will give you all sorts of nostalgia as you're taken into Belle's world with the familiar soundtrack of the beloved 1991 animated classic. We see Emma Watson bring Belle to life as she stumbles upon the enchanted castle and its inhabitants including the Beast, played by Dan Stevens. We hear cameos from the rest of the star-studded cast, including a cheery Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Ewan McGregor (who plays a French Lumière to perfection), Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Stanley Tucci as Cadenza, and Luke Evans as Gaston.

The trailer offers us glimpses of a distraught Belle meeting the Beast, the enchanted castle—including its magical library— and, of course, the penultimate moment when Alan Menken's beloved tune "Beauty and the Beast" plays in the background as we finally see Watson twirling around in her iconic golden yellow ball gown with Stevens. While Menken's original soundtrack will appear in the live-action remake, the composer also announced he will be penning three new original songs for the film.

We'll definitely "be their guest" when the highly anticipated film opens in theaters March 17, 2017.