Watch: Christian Siriano's Vampire-Inspired Video

Christian Siriano campaign
Photo: Courtesy of Christian Siriano

To celebrate Christian Siriano’s fall lineup, the designer created a new campaign video playing off the vampire bat theme that inspired the collection—exclusively seen here first (watch it above!). “When you just see clothes on a hanger, you don’t see the story and this creates the story behind it,” Siriano told The short features rising actress Nicole LaLiberteshe starred in Dinner for Schmucks and How to Make It in Americaplaying off the inspiration by gliding across the cavernous setting of The Vault at Pfaff’s in New York City. “Sometimes the vampire thing can be very overdone,” the designer noted. “Nicole makes sense because she’s more androgynous and quirky and her movements are more interesting and not just a sexy vampire, which I did not want. She is the perfect muse. And her look is so beautiful—I knew she’d look so striking with white skin and fire hair, it’s visually stimulating.” And to help with the visuals, Siriano enlisted the help of artist boyfriend Brad Walsh, who filmed and edited the video, scored the music, and shot the campaign. “He’s just very talented and being able to work with him during the day and then go home and talk about those things is great,” said the designer. “It’s important to our process.” Click through the gallery to see more photos from the shoot, and shop his fall collection on or find where it's stocked near you at

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