By Olivia Bahou
Sep 07, 2016 @ 11:15 am

Just when you thought that Zac Efron was the biggest Simone Biles fangirl out there, Channing Tatum just outdid him with this adorable interview. The Ellen DeGeneres Show returned on Tuesday, Sept. 6 for Season 14, and the star-studded first episode brought together fan-favorite celebs like Oprah Winfrey, Tatum, and even five-time Olympic medalist Biles.

Biles, like the rest of us, is a Magic Mike and Channing Tatum super-fan. Little did she know, Tatum was even more excited to meet her than she could have imagined.

The talk show host brought Tatum out for a magical interview, and asked if he had met the Olympic star. “I did not meet [Simone] back there yet. No, but I want to. I’m going to freak out.”

“She’s going to freak out to meet you,” DeGeneres responded. “Yeah, I’m going to freak out more I bet,” he joked. The actor couldn’t help but fangirl over Biles. “We watched every one. As we all know, she’s going to be the greatest and already is the greatest of all time.”

“I have a theory though. My theory is that she’s so tiny that she has a harder time holding onto the ground and actually is just going up. She’s just always flying away. I think she’s got really strong toes and that helps her hold onto the ground.”

When the two finally met, though, it was Tatum showing off his strength and acting as a “Channing Tatum stand” for four of her Olympic golds. “Do I just follow you around now?” he joked to the gymnast before attempting to make off with her medals.

The Step Up star wasn’t just on the show to act as a trophy case: Tatum also introduced his new Las Vegas show, Magic Mike Live, bringing his dancers for a sexy performance.

“It should be women empowering,” he told DeGeneres. “Equal opportunity objectification for everyone. It’s been going the other way for long enough now and let’s dial it back a little bit, balance the scales.”

His wife Jenna Dewan Tatum was clearly loving the sentiment. The actress Snapchatted the episode from home, jokingly telling her hubby to stop acting so awkward.


So will Tatum ever strip down for the live show? “As you know I have no issues getting naked, so if I’m ever in shape again, ever, ever, ever, then I’m going to make tWitch come with me.”

Here’s to hoping this empowering hottie gets back into stripping shape. Watch the clips from the jam-packed episode above.