Paper Towns
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This year Cara Delevingne is proving that she has acting clout to match her modeling skills. A new clip from Paper Towns debuted last night at the MTV Movie Awards and in it the 22-year-old shows how she'd make an excellent prankster.

Delevingne stars as lead character Margo Roth Spiegelman, alongside Nat Wolff, who plays her partner in crime, Quentin Jacobsen, in the second book-to-movie release from author John Green (of The Fault in Our Stars fame). Paper Towns tells the story of neighbors Quentin and Margo’s one-night adventure as they go on a mission to avenge everyone who has wronged Margo. When Margo suddenly disappears, Quentin embarks on a road trip.

In the newly released scene from the movie, Margo convinces Quentin to prank classmate Chuck Parson's by smothering his eyebrows in hair removal cream. It all gets very tense after he awakes to catch them in the act. Watch the clip from the film, which hits theaters on July 24, here: