By Aly Semigran
Updated Nov 18, 2014 @ 9:23 am
Allison Williams

If you saw Allison Williams take flight in the promos for the upcoming Peter Pan Live! event on NBC, then you know that she has the moves of the iconic character down pat. So who better for Jimmy Fallon to get Peter Pan-inspired flying lessons from? That's exactly what happened when the actress stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday, where she showed the host how the magic is done.

The Girls star explained that to fly like Peter Pan, you've got to get strapped into a harness that's hooked up by wires. Williams said that whenever people try it for the first time their face shows "utter joy...and then a couple seconds later, pain." Apparently that was all the convincing Fallon needed, because he slapped on a Peter Pan hat and that harness (after getting all of his, er, bits in place) and took to the skies by thinking— as Williams instructed— "lovely, wonderful thoughts."

Williams, who looked positively radiant in a lace dress, even taught him how to do a flip in the air which garnered some expectedly hilarious results. Watch the entire moment below, including when an airborne Fallon declares/sings "I'm flyiiiiiiiing, I'm flyiiiiiiiing, I am Peter Pan!" (Sorry, Jimmy, but we're afraid that's Allison's title!)