By Leah Abrahams
Updated Feb 01, 2013 @ 12:58 pm
Warm Bodies
Credit: Summit Entertainment

Opening today: Warm Bodies, an unconventional rom-com that has its good-looking lead looking quite undead! After a zombie epidemic infects the world, one of the human survivors Julie (Teresa Palmer) finds herself in the midst of a zombie attack, but is saved by one of them, Z (Nicholas Hoult). The two strike up a relationship, which sets in a motion a sequence of events that could change their entire world. “It’s a really unique story,” director Jonathan Levine told at the New York City premiere. “It’s really fun! It’s a new twist on a romantic comedy and I hope people will respond to the uniqueness of it.” And this fun off-beat vibe can be traced back to cast’s experience. “Every day we just laughed and had fun," said Palmer. “I think that energy really translated to the film.” But the best part for Hoult? “Not having to learn a lot of lines!” Click here to see where the film is playing near you.

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