Wardrobe.NYC Gives Luxury Shopping the Direct-to-Consumer Treatment

Wardrobe NYC
Photo: Jackie Nickerson

Over the last five or so years, direct-to-consumer labels have gone from being a retail experiment to fashion’s fastest growing business model. And when it comes to choosing between the endless radically transparent, ethically sourced, designed in season—insert buzzy jargon of your choosing here—new companies launching every day, shoppers are starting to search for something that cuts through the noise.

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Wardrobe.NYC is poised to do that. The brainchild of Australian designer Josh Goot and his partner (and countryman), stylist Christine Centenera, the label brings thoughtful production and markup free pricing to luxury basics. But here’s the twist: All the clothes are exclusively sold in mini “collections” of four or eight interchangeable styles (that 9.99 times out of 10, also work with everything else that you own). The goal? To turn your closet of I-have-nothing-to-wear-this-with impulse purchases into a cohesive wardrobe.

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Jackie Nickerson

Today sees the debut of the duo’s very first drop, “Edition 01.” True to their less is more credo, the couple's first four capsule lines (two each for men and women, priced at $1,500 and $3,000) are small but filled with the sort of perfect essentials it would take forever to find from separate stores, like a timeless white oxford and the ultimate, just-long-enough-to-tuck-in crewneck tee.

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Jackie Nickerson

“It’s a considered, cohesively styled solution that focuses on luxury without excess,” says Centenera in a release. “The pieces are the foundation of my wardrobe and inform how I dress every day."

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Jackie Nickerson

Buy the pieces here, as shot by iconic fine art photographer Jackie Nickerson, and more at Wardrobe.NYC.

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Jackie Nickerson
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