Want Platinum Blonde Hair Like Kim Kardashian? Get the Details Straight from Her Colorist!

Kim Kardashian Blonde Hair
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It was the color that launched a thousand memes! Only hours after Kim Kardashian’s pale blonde shade made its debut, the countless Photoshop comparisons and GIF-riddled listicles titled "30 Things Kim Kardashian's New Hair Looks Like" served as a testament to her continual ability to break the internet.

Following yesterday's Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week, the star's look continued to trend at the after-show dinner, where she swapped the sleek texture and all-black ensemble for a metallic fringed number by the label, which she paired with a side part and a tousled finish.

"Paris Fashion Week is a time for adventure-chic shades to be shown," the star's colorist Lorri Goddard exclusively tells InStyle. "It is a flattering shade on Kim because it is a medley of different textures and platinum hues, which accentuates her beauty." Though just about anything Kimmy does starts trending in 140 characters or less, her latest ’do is arguably more dramatic than any hairstyle she's tried before---and this isn't her first time on the lighter end of the spectrum. "The previous blonde was a honey color with depth at the root," her colorist George Papanikolas, who helped her shift shades back in 2013, tells us. "The current look is an all-over platinum vanilla blonde."

Does the star's makeover have you aspiring for blonder ambitions? Goddard recommends using the tones of your eyes as a starting point of just how pale you can go, and starting small with a strand test. "If you have warmth in your eyes, you can take on a little bit more of a honey platinum, but if you have cooler-toned eyes, then you can go for an icier platinum," she says. "Always start with a strand test to establish if the hair is long enough to take the journey, and begin away from the scalp, working with the ends first---the scalp exudes heat, which speeds up the developing process."

Lighter hair hues won't have to worry too much about going brassy, but if you're starting with a dark base like Kim's natural brunette, you'll need to pick up neutralizing shampoos and conditioners to cancel out any orange or yellow hints. "Be sure to use a violet or blue-based toner, such as Matrix's ColorSync Pastel Toner (matrix.com for locations) to eliminate the yellow tones," Papanikolas adds. "It's also important to keep a very strict touch-up schedule at least every three to four weeks. Waiting any longer than four weeks can cause yellow banding in the hair, but touching up within the four weeks won't allow the keratin in the hair to fully harden."

Constant bleaching can take a toll on even the most-seasoned salon tresses, so incorporate ultra-hydrating products into your routine to restore moisture between touch-ups---Papanikolas recommends smoothing on the Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Mask ($23; ulta.com) once a week in conjunction with a hair oil prior to heat-styling.

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