Want to Help Raise Awareness for Autism? Here's a Chic Way to Do That

Puzzle Piece for Autism Awareness Month
Photo: Courtesy

April is known for many things—it marks the start of seasonal rains, it signals the arrival of warmer weather, it's home to a number of exceptional days (like, April Fools' Day, Earth Day, Tax Day, to name a few), and it's Autism Awareness Month. To address the latter, Chamilia is doing its part to raise awareness.

In honor of the month, the jewelry brand is donating five percent of proceeds from its "Autism Puzzle Piece" charm to the Autism Research Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to understanding and treating the condition.

"The lives of so many women who wear our brand are impacted in some way by the rate of increase in this condition," says Catherine Ottaviano, the vice president of global merchandising and marketing of Chamilia. "This challenging situation affects everyday lives, and we are just learning to deal with these changes as a society. And as a personalized jewelry brand, each piece that we produce is a statement in support of the women who wear it. And we believe it’s important for women who deal with this condition to be supported in some way."

The puzzle piece acts a symbol of "unlocking the mystery of autisum." Is this the missing puzzle to your charm collection? Shop the sterling silver bead for a good cause; available now for $35 at chamilia.com.

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