May is National Sleep Month, and so all month long, we'll be reviewing products and offering tips with the aim of helping you create a zzz-inducing den of zen. In this installment, InStyle’s editors test drive Technogel’s latest line of pillows.
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There are so many factors to take into consideration when trying to optimize your quality of sleep: from the climate of the room, to the condition of your pillows and mattress, even your evening rituals. Of all these, updating your pillow is probably the easiest thing to conquer, but it can still be a difficult feat, even if you have a helpful game plan outlined for you.

So we heard about a line of 3-pound pillows from Technogel that is supposed to improve the way you sleep, and we were intrigued. Their heavy weight is due to a combination of a memory foam base topped with a layer of gel, which allows the pillow to adapt seamlessly to the customer’s neck and shoulders. Then when we found out they cost 170 bucks a pop, we were even more intrigued, but skeptical: They may be good, but could they be that good?

So we enlisted two of our editors give them a spin and set them up with the appropriate pillow based on their sleeping style, listed below.

Deluxe Thin: For those who primarily sleep on their stomachs and prefer thinner cushions.

Deluxe: Designed for small-built people or stomach sleepers to support proper spinal alignment.

Deluxe Thick: For lateral position sleepers who favor thicker padding.

Contour: Designed to cradle your shoulder and support those with neck, back or shoulder pain (its compact size makes it a popular pick for women).

Anatomic: A spot-on selection for those who rest on their sides or back, and suffer from neck, back or shoulder pain.

The result? A win-win! It may have a hefty price tag, but these pillows are designed to last 10 years, which breaks down to $17 a year. That’s not such a bad deal, after all.

Read on for their reviews.

Editor 1

Pillow tested: Deluxe Thick

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Verdict: The pillow took some getting used to, because it’s so much thicker than what I’ve been sleeping on, which is a fully down pillow. But now I like it and can really feel the gel adapting to my anatomy, and cradling to my head and neck.

Editor 2

Pillow tested: Contour

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Verdict: It feels like heaven on my neck. I suffer from neck/shoulder pain, and the memory foam pillow I was using before didn’t have enough support, so I would always wake up with some pain in my neck, but that’s not the case with this one. Also, I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to put my hair up in ponytail because I would get too warm, but the gel layer kept me cool through the night, and I haven’t woken up before my alarm clock since testing this pillow out.

Technogel pillows, $170,