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Jennifer Aniston
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

There's no denying that Jennifer Aniston has one of the best physiques in the biz. The secret to her shape? The 45-year-old actress has been working with celebrity trainer Mandy Ingber for a decade. "She's just amazing, she's gorgeous, she's always looked amazing," Ingber says of her client. So how does Jen manage to look so good? "I mean I do think that yoga has definitely transformed her body and gives her such grace. And in addition to that, she's just a wonderful person."

If you want a body like Jen's (and let's be honest, who doesn't?), you don't need to be rich and famous. Ingber broke down Aniston's routine for us with tips on how you can modify it to fit your life.

The Routine

"I work out with [Aniston] about three times a week, and we'll start off warming up with a cardio routine," Ingber says. "And then we'll go into a yoga routine." Cardio will usually be 20 to 25 minutes of spinning followed by 45 minutes of yoga, incorporating sun salutations, warrior II, triangle, and other standing poses. "She loves balancing poses, like tree, half-moon pose, and warrior III," say Ingber, who is the author of Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover as well as a Yogalosophy app and DVDs. She incorporates the yoga hybrid moves from her book, like a chair pose to a squat, into Aniston's workout as well. But Aniston's all-time favorite? "She does love a good tree," Ingber says. "She also likes plank as well, because plank will work with the abs, or the forearm plank, so any variation on the plank or the forearm plank."

Staying Motivated

While living in the public eye does give Aniston extra reason to stay in shape, she still needs to carve out the time and motivate herself to work out like everyone else. "That's where I come in," Ingber says. The yogi adds that having a buddy (she and Aniston are close friends) to work out with makes it seem less like a chore. "It's not easy to motivate yourself to workout and so with somebody like Jennifer or any celebrity that I'm working with, what they do is they're scheduling in their workout time with me. They are making a commitment," she says, adding that everyone should commit to their workout to stay motivated. "Putting it in your datebook, making it like an appointment" are important.

Eating Well and Hydrating

"It's clear that Jennifer is a very consistent person with her nutrition," Ingber says. "She generally does best on a high protein diet." Aniston's meals are centered around lean proteins and fresh organic vegetables. Ingber notes that protein is important to keep you full, and one of her favorite forms is Silk Soymilk, who she just partnered with to create delicious recipes including smoothies, quinoa bowls, and soups (you can find all the recipes here). "[Stay] in the realm of not processed, but also including your protein, and including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and plant-based proteins." Ingber notes that it's also important to stay hydrated—you should be drinking half your weight in ounces of water every day.


"[Jennifer and I will] always complete our session with a 5-minute shavashana, which is basically a corpse pose," Ingber says, adding that Aniston also uses a meditation timer on her own. These timers, according to Ingber, are key for people who want to try meditating. "Set the timer, close your eyes, sit straight up in a chair, both feet flat on the floor, and put your attention on your breath and do your best." It's natural for your mind to wander when you're first trying out mediation. "Just notice your thought and bring your attention and your awareness back to your breath," the yogi says. Meditation is like a muscle, but Ingber promises that you will be more productive if you start setting aside five minutes to practice a day.

Mixing It Up

When she's not training with Ingber, Aniston will get in a few sweat sessions on her own, but variety is key. "She mixes it up," Ingber notes. "She'll throw in a this or a that every once in a while as well, she keeps a variety going." A typical workout on her own might consist of anything from a 40-minute cardio routine to 10 minutes each of spinning, Precor, and running.

If you want to mix it up like Jen but don't have a lot of time, you can still get in a good workout in 20 minutes. "It's just [about] moving your body," says Ingber. Go for a 20-minute walk or run, which is enough to get your metabolism up and your blood pumping to your extremities, or do a quick yoga routine. "You can totally have a great little yoga routine in 20 minutes: 10 sun salutations and five or six standing poses and five minutes of stretching," the trainer says. One of Ingber's favorite moves for Aniston to pack a lot of toning in a little time is a chair post to a squat. "We'll hold the chair [pose] for about 30 seconds, and then we'll go into about 10 squats or so, and we'll repeat that three or four times so that we get plenty of toners in there as well."