Want to Be a Part of Yoko Ono's New Art Project? Here's How

Yoko Ono for Arising project
Photo: Courtesy Photo

Yoko Ono just debuted her latest new activism-inspired art project—and it involves you. The artist launched ARISING, a crowd-sourced art and awareness initiative that aims to empower women to speak up about the struggles they face just for being women. She pulled together written testaments and images of just women's eyes for the installation, which went on display starting June 1 within the Personal Structures exhibit at the Palazzo Bembo in Venice, Italy (through November 24th). And you can still get involved: Send your personalized written testament with a photograph of just your eyes to call@imaginepowerarising.com to be a part of it. Learn more at imaginepowerarising.com.

Plus, learn more about other celeb causes.

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