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Samantha Simon
Feb 13, 2016 @ 2:45 pm

Get ready for more zombie action. The Walking Dead returns this Sunday (Feb. 14), and it’s picking up right where the November midseason finale left off. And that means we’re back to witnessing Alexandria being overrun by zombies, a.k.a. walkers. While we still don’t know who survived the most recent attack, we do know that the second half of the AMC series’s Season 6 will be exploring that—and no one is more ready for the story to play out than Katelyn Nacon, who plays orphaned apocalypse survivor Enid on the show.

“We’re going to see a big change in how the characters live coming up,” Nacon recently told InStyle. “Throughout each season something changes with each character, and I think we’re probably going to see that again.” That means avid fans can expect to be as hooked as ever. “You’re just going to have anxiety watching the show,” said Nacon. “It is definitely going to be crazy, because it’s a really crazy season.”

Even though we’re still waiting for tons to be revealed, there are a few things we can count on seeing, like the return of Nacon’s character, Enid. “We already know that she didn’t die in the midseason finale and is still alive,” said Nacon, crediting Enid’s strong survival skills with her livelihood today. “She’s really smart and knows how to handle herself on her own, even when she’s surrounded by walkers.” But at the end of the day, “Enid has gone through a lot,” said Nacon. “And it’s really screwed up her brain.”

Gene Page/AMC

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Enid was MIA for a bit when she left Alexandria after the Wolves attacked, but now she’s back, and Nacon hopes that we’ll learn a bit more about what makes her character tick. “You may get to see a little bit more into her thinking and see a different side of her later on,” she said. “But she is such a closed-off person that trust isn’t one of her biggest go-to things.” Enid’s sense of mystery has created a ton of fan theories, and Nacon found one particularly unlikely. “When she left Alexandria after the Wolves invaded, people thought she took Judith with her,” said Nacon. “It just didn’t make sense to me, because Enid only cares about surviving so bringing a baby into the wilderness isn’t really the best idea.”

Once Enid came back to Alexandria—sans infant—fans of the show had mixed feelings about her return. “Some people were upset,” said Nacon. “But others were happy to see a different side of her and see her vulnerability.” But don't expect Enid to get too close to anyone—even though she’s been involved in a love triangle of sorts with two characters, Ron and Carl. “I don’t know if she really cares about it, to be honest,” said Nacon. “Even if she was in love with someone, she wouldn’t really allow herself to fully be in love with them. So I think the triangle is the least of her worries, and it will stay that way for awhile.”

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Enid may not be the most easy to love, but Nacon is a fan of her character through and through. “I can only hope for the best for her,” she said. “And that goes for all of the characters.”

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