How to Wake Up With Even Better Hair

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They don’t call it bedhead for nothing. From golf-ball size knots to insurmountable frizz, sleeping often does serious damage to your ‘do. That’s why we rounded up our three favorite tricks for waking up with hair that looks—dare we say—even better than when we first hit the sack.

1. Secure strands safely
We’ve sung the praises of the Invisibobble ($8 for a set of three; before, but we can’t help but remind you that thanks to its unique shape and smooth finish, this twisty wrap holds hair without causing kinks or breakage.

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2. Upgrade your pillowcase
Is a silk pillowcase indulgent? Yes. Is it the best investment you’ll ever make in your hair? Probably. Silk pillowcases cause far less friction than their cotton counterparts and, in turn, eliminate tangles. Unlike silk, cotton also draws moisture away from the hair, which can leave strands looking and feeling parched. We’re fans of Slip, a line of high-grade silk pillowcases ($80 each; available in a wide range of luxe colors.

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3. Treat while you sleep
It’s Skincare 101 to apply your treatment products at night (that’s when skin really repairs itself). Why not have the same philosophy about your strands? We love soaking damaged ends in a nourishing overnight treatment, like Rene Furterer Karite Intense ($33; You can rinse it out the next morning if you so choose, but we find this smoothing formula to be so lightweight, there’s no need.

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