Vote For Your Favorite Celebrity Scent to Win a Fragrance Foundation Award!

Fragrance Foundation Awards
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The Fragrance Foundation Awards are set to take place in June, and if you're rooting for a particular celebrity scent, start voting now -- you could be the reason it wins! For the Consumer Choice category, the foundation is allowing the public to cast their votes for the most-worthy celebrity fragrance. The star contenders are Rogue by Rihanna, Jay-Z's Gold fragrance, Our Moment by One Direction, and Flight Sport by Michael Jordan. When we last polled our readers Rihanna's Rogue scent ranked at the top of the four nominees, just behind Katy Perry's Killer Queen perfume, which is nominated for Women's Popular Fragrance of the Year. In addition to the celebrity scents, you can also determine who wins the Consumer's Choice Award in the men's and women's categories! For women's fragrances, Fiori by Vince Camuto, Michael Kors Sexy Amber, and Victoria by Victoria's Secret are all up for consideration, and for the men's scents, you can choose between Givenchy's Gentlemen Only, Polo Ralph Lauren Red, and Swiss Unlimited Energy by Victorinox. Voting ends on May 30, so head over to to cast your ballot now!

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