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Jun 21, 2013 @ 5:31 pm
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The Voice season 4 winner Danielle Bradbery stopped by InStyle’s New York offices today! The 16-year-old powerhouse, who was the youngest winner of all time, wowed the judges and America all season long with her spot-on vocal performances and her adorable personality (Required listening: Her performance of "Maybe it was Memphis"). Bradberry proved that she was just as cute in real life as she is on the small screen when she sat down with a few of our editors to chat about her big win, and her music contract with Taylor Swift's label, Big Machine Records, among many other topics. Scroll down to see the full interview with country music's next big star!

How did it feel to win season 4 of The Voice? "I still can’t believe it! Especially since I didn’t have as much experience as some of the other contestants."

Did you ever feel like the underdog?"No, not really! And we all got so close on the show, and became like family especially with The Swon Brothers. They’re so funny."

What was your favorite moment from the season?"I have said this so many times, but getting to sing with Hunter Hayes. I think they showed this on the finale, but when Blake told me that I would be performing with him I completely freaked out. It was embarrassing!"

What’s the best advice he gave you? "Go out there and don’t worry about feeling goofy. Just enjoy what you’re doing and have fun."

What was it like having him as coach?"He was so great. He really helped me, and this season he had so many tricks up his sleeves, like having me sing older songs so I could make them my own and introduce them to a younger audience. That really helped with iTunes."

What’s really in Blake’s special Starbucks lattes?"I can’t say! But you would have to have an ID to order it."

What’s your Favorite Starbucks drink?"I love Frappuccinos! My top three are hazelnut, green tea, and chai."

Have you met Miranda Lambert?"Yes, she was around a lot during the live shows. She came around as much as she could. She told me that if I needed anything, that I could come to her and not just Blake, which is so cool."

Do you love her style?"Uh, yes!"

Has she given you any style tips?"Not yet!"

How is your stage style on The Voice different than your personal style, or are they very similar?"I’m much more casual! I’m into that kind of comfy cute look, kind of looking like a hip-hop dancer that’s the only way I can describe it. It’s like nothing you see on TV. I love Urban Outfitters that loose and flowy stuff. For the show, wardrobe really wanted me to look my age."

You wore a lot of strapless dresses on the show, right?"Yes! It’s funny because I never wear strapless dresses in real life. But they were all about it because it looked good on TV."

Whose style do you admire?"I’m obsessed with Carrie Underwood. She’s perfect, and I really hope that I get to meet her one day."

Did you pick up any fun beauty tips while on the show?"They would tell me what they were doing as the put on my makeup. They always did the thick eyeliner on the top and kind of winged it out. I could never do that. I would get it all over the place."

Who are a few of your celebrity fans?"Sheryl Crow, she was the mentor for Team Blake. Sara Evans, after I sang her song “Born to Fly,” she mentioned me on Twitter, and Bill Gilman. And of course, Miranda and all of Blake’s Tweets. They were really funny."

Have you gotten any prom proposals?"Oh, yeah! I’ve gotten a lot marriage proposals on Twitter saying like, “We’re going to get married.” And I’m like I don’t know you!"

Your Twitter feed has probably exploded! How do you keep up with that?"It’s really hard to get to everybody, so I try to be careful not to respond to specific people because people will be like, 'you’re replying to them and not to me' and it will start this whole mess. Every now again I’ll send out a whole tweet to everybody saying like I read all of your tweets and sorry that I can’t get back to all of y’all."

I saw you did reply to Hunter Hayes!"Uh, duh!"

Have your fans started come up with a fan club name?"I am not sure yet. Vedo calls me Danyeezy, but a lot of people call themselves the Radberys, but it sounds like a fruit. They’re making up silly names like that, but a lot of people are making that name a trend. I honestly don’t know what to come up with without it sounding like a fruit."

You got a record deal at Big Machine Records. What does your next month look like? "When I started the show, I never believed that this would all be happening to me. I get to go home tomorrow for a little bit and get to actually rest for a few days, but then I leave for Nashville on Monday to start on the songs for my new album. But, yeah, who knows what’s coming up? A lot!"

Have you started thinking about what your album is going to be like?"I like all genres so it’s kind of hard. I’ve put my heart in country this whole time but I’d like to have it more pop-country, since I like a lot of stuff. I like that really exciting music."

Who would you like to collaborate on your next album?"Blake, of course! And I would love for Hunter Hayes to collaborate with me."

Are you planning on going on a shopping spree? You probably have a bunch, but a new pair of cowboy boots perhaps?"I do have my special pair of cowboy boots that I’ve worn throughout the whole show. I started with them on the blind auditions. But I don’t know, I have a few stores in mind that I’m going to go look at like Victoria’s Secret. And H&M I’ve heard is really big here. I run into a lot of stores [in New York City] that they don’t have back home, so it’s so interesting."

What’s your favorite app on your iPhone?"I like all of social media, and there’s thing called We Heart It and you can look up anything. It’s like Pinterest."

What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?"You can’t go wrong with chocolate!"

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