2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Day
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jeremy Scott isn’t just dressing up the Moonman for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards—he’s giving the red carpet a makeover too. For the first time ever, MTV enlisted a fashion designer to give the VMA red carpet a new look, and we got the exclusive download about what to expect when we met up with Scott at his Los Angeles design studio yesterday.

“When people step on to the red carpet, they’re going into a world I’ve created,” he said. “I wanted to take what I’ve done with the Moonman and extend it even further.” Therefore, you can expect the Moonman’s updated TV test pattern flag design extended throughout the background of the red carpet, “as an homage to olden TV,” said Scott, as well as dozens of actual television sets in view.

“It’s like that feeling of going into a nightclub,” he continued, “that feeling of going into an experience.” Scott has teamed up with Instagram to create a photo installation for the red carpet, where he'll have his own section dedicated entirely to him taking pictures and creating buzz with his friends. And—surprise!—that is where InStyle magazine will be, bringing you all the latest updates straight from the heart of the action.

“There are going to be so many ultimate moments,” said Scott. “People just come and bring their freak flags and go all out. I mean these are rock stars we’re talking about! That’s what is going to be fun. There are people hardly dressed, overdressed, and underdressed. That’s what is so much more exciting about the VMAs than a more refined red carpet. This is a party.”

And, don’t worry, your invite didn’t get lost in the mail. This year, MTV is setting up virtual reality for the red carpet, so you can literally go to the event without even leaving your house. To do so, visit that night—if you go on from your desktop, your mouse will navigate the experience; if you go on from your phone, just move your device and that will move you through the carpet.

The red carpet officially begins at 6:30 EST on Sunday, Aug. 30. Meet you there? Cool. Just follow InStyle on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and online at to get all of the up-to-the-minute updates.