VMAs Cat Eye Trend Lead
Credit: FilmMagic (2), Getty Images (2)

Kanye West wasn't the only one (apparently) winging it at last night's MTV VMAs. As evidenced by the graphic looks seen on Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, and Hailee Steinfeld, winged-out cat eyeliner was definitely having a moment on the red carpet, with each star showing off a very different take on the trend. Swift and Ora's effects were the most dramatic of the bunch, with Ora's smoky version, and Swift trying out a 360-degree effect featuring sharp inward and outward points. Flawless as ever, Minaj's trademark feline eye was paired with a glossy nude lip, while Steinfeld's neutral-toned look was the most subtle of the bunch.

To try your hand at the effect, we recommend picking up a felt-tipped liner pen like Eyeko's Skinny Black Liquid Liner ($16;, which provides the ease and control of a pencil, but delivers a graphic, inky appearance. Trace your upper lashes, and once you reach the end, line up the tip of the pen with your lower lash line and extend the liquid into an upward flick. With a sweeping motion, use the applicator to connect the edge of the wing with the strike along your top lashes, making sure to fill in any unwanted gaps. We recommend looking down into a hand mirror while doing this, as you'll be able to get thisclose to your lash line without actually having to close your eyes and risk an uneven shape.

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