After 27 Years, This Female Virginia State Senate Clerk Is Finally Making the Same as a (Less Experienced) Male Colleague

Today in frustrating (but ultimately hopeful) wage inequality news:

After serving as a clerk for the Virginia State Senate for 27 years, Susan Clarke Schaar is finally making the same amount of money as G. Paul Nardo, a clerk who’s served the Virginia state House for less than six years. Seriously.

Susan Clarke Schaar
AP (2)

And don’t be fooled, this wasn’t a matter of a few dollars and cents, Nardo was making an annual salary of $194,341, while Schaar took home $175,392—a near $20,000 deficit!

Even more frustrating, the disparate wages have been on both the Senate and House’s radar for some time. Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R), filed a budget amendment in January to increase Schaar’s salary, but received pushback from House Republicans.

After a long, hard-fought battle (she’s been working for the state Senate for 43 YEARS), Schaar is finally making a fair salary of $195,500.

At last, justice has been served.

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