Virgil Abloh's IKEA Collaboration Made for Absolute Madness

IKEA x Virgil Abloh = mobs of frenzied hypebeasts.

When IKEA announced that it was teaming up with designer Virgil Abloh for a special collection, sneakerheads, hypebeasts, and #menswear aficionados were practically salivating at the thought of outfitting their pads with creations from the superstar Off-White designer. The goods finally hit stores this week and from the looks of it, Black Friday came early for anyone that hoped to snag a piece of the MARKERAD collection, with lines forming long before IKEA locations opened their doors.

The first drop — Virgil and the Swedish superstore promise two years of collections — includes a table, chair, daybed, toolbox, clock, and rug.

"We actually spent a lot of time interviewing young adults about their homes, the things they need and the things they want. A lot of it turned out to be practical pieces that can move with you as you grow through the different stages of your life," Abloh told DesignBoom. "It’s really about making this functional environment that you can actually enjoy and be proud of."

Being proud of it is one thing, but as any collector knows, the resale value of these pieces is something else to consider. There's no doubt that the die-hard fans that camped out had that on their minds as much as the aesthetics of hanging a Mona Lisa replica in their homes.

Virgil Abloh x Ikea
benjamin parks/Ikea

"Abloh-designed Ikea rugs sold for thousands on resale sites earlier this year and many in the queue were hoping to make some money from their purchases," The Guardian reported, noting that many pieces that shoppers snatched up during the Paris Fashion Week preview ended up on resale sites.

Stores across the globe had people lining up before dawn.

In Japan, the line at a Tokyo outpost was 100-people deep before the drop.

The scene was a little more frenzied in Switzerland, where shoppers were actually tripping over themselves as they rushed to get to the merchandise.

The same goes for Slovakia.

With the first shipment eliciting so much excitement, there's no telling what's in store for the collaboration's future. Knowing Abloh's sense of humor and IKEA's resourcefulness, it wouldn't be surprising of a collection of sleeping bags tailor-made for line-squatting made an appearance.

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