Viola Davis Is Using Disney Princesses and Wonder Woman to Teach Her Daughter Self-Love

We could wax poetic about Viola Davis's beauty, both inside and out. But what's most important for her right now is to give that glow of self-love and confidence to her 6-year-old daughter Genesis.

In this comparison culture, that's not always easy for a child to understand and embrace. That's exactly why Davis wants her daughter to not "grow up wanting someone's everything," as she told Yahoo Lifestyle, and part of that is loving herself the way she is.

This is precisely why the Academy Award-winning actress lets Genesis dress up as princesses and superheroes alike, but only if she wears her natural hair.

"I really push it," she said. "You can do all of that stuff if you start with the palette of loving who you are. I say, 'You gotta wear your hair exactly the way it is. You can be Wonder Woman, but you gotta be Wonder Woman with your hair.'"

You may remember Davis slaying the 2012 Oscars red carpet with her natural hair, and she wishes someone would have told her to love and embrace it when she was younger.

"If someone had told me that just time and time again ... oh, my God!," she said. "I would've had a completely different childhood. And my childhood was good, even with all the pain and poverty. But it would've been even better."

Back in October 2016, Davis told us at InStyle "that a privilege of a lifetime is being who you are, and I would tell my younger self exactly that—you are absolutely perfect the way you are."

We love that she's passing those beautiful affirmations to her daughter.

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