Find Out What Vinyl Star Juno Temple Considers Her "Ultimate Fantasy"

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When Juno Temple was cast to portray a 1970s music industry insider in Vinyl, it was as if the stars had aligned. The retro-loving actress, who’s the daughter of punk-rock documentarian Julien Temple, plays Jamie Vine, an assistant at a New York City-based record label in HBO’s new Martin Scorsese-produced series (premieres Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9 p.m.).

The role was the perfect fit for Temple, who was into everything from Vinyl’s rock ’n’ roll vibes to its wardrobe. “I grew up with punk-rock in my veins, and I’m a big ‘70s fan,” Temple said when we interviewed her for the February 2015 issue of InStyle. “Vinyl is my ultimate fantasy—it’s all about the music industry in 1973 New York City, which is true madness.”

At its core, the show, which stars Bobby Cannavale as the president of American Century Records, really is about the music. “There were these explosive sounds coming out of the ‘70s,” said Temple. “There was a lot of funk and rock ’n’ roll, and then punk started emerging with a wave of a younger generation being like, ‘Let’s start a revolution.’ So they started making this music that wasn’t necessarily nice to listen to, but my god, it made you feel. It really affected people like that.”

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For Temple’s character, Jamie, it’s all about one genre in particular. “She’s very much involved with the punk universe,” said Temple. “She is so passionate and ahead of her time, in a weird way. She knows what’s going to change people’s heartbeats with music.” In the first episode, viewers will see Jamie in full-on concert mode. “There is a great scene where she goes to see this band called the Nasty Bits play,” said Temple. While watching the gig during filming, “Martin Scorsese came up to me and he was like, ‘Make sure you see the crowd, take in the crowd’s reaction.’ Because watching the crowd react is how Jamie knows this sound is going to make a big statement.”

And Jamie is all about making statements. “In 1973, women weren’t taken that seriously—especially in the music industry,” said Temple. “But there were big changes going on, and there was a strong feminine presence. Women really wanted to be heard and taken as seriously as men, and my character is definitely involved with that.” The girl power goes beyond just Jamie. “I think all of the female characters on Vinyl are all really strong, independent, smart women who are not going to take s— from a man, actually,” said Temple.

They’re also stylish. Temple calls Jamie a "trendsetter." Plus, "she is ballsy, and her fashion sense is cool," the actress added. "She wears beautiful jumpsuits, suede pants, mini skirts, and leather jackets.” It’s a look that Temple can relate to. “I love ‘70s clothing,” she said. “I think the clothes made back then were really about showing off a woman’s body, and there was a liberation to how women dressed.”

Vintage fashion isn’t the only thing about the ‘70s era that Temple loves. “I only listen to old ‘70s music, mostly on vinyl,” she said. In addition to being a fan of Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones, “I think The Idiot and Raw by Iggy Pop are the two greatest albums ever created,” said Temple. So it comes as no surprise that taking on her latest role has been inspiring. Playing Jamie “definitely makes me wish that I lived in 1973,” said Temple. “I think I would have really enjoyed being there. I think my heart and soul would have been really fulfilled during that decade, and Jamie would have been a mate of mine.”

With reporting by Brianna King

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