Vinyl Soundtrack - Lead
Credit: Niko Tavernise/HBO

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about Vinyl, HBO's new Martin Scorsese- and Mick Jagger-produced series set in 1970s New York—but the biggest one is arguably the music. In the pilot, we quickly become immersed in the rock and roll world of Richie Finestra (portrayed by Bobby Cannavale), a record label president attempting to save his flailing company by scouting new talent, which opens the floodgates for some of the best tunes to air on television since The O.C.

Luckily for us, HBO has released an exclusive 18-track soundtrack, now available on iTunes and Spotify, in advance of the two-hour season premiere on Feb. 14, and plans to release new music every week in advance of each episode. Stream all the songs via Spotify here: