Vincent Kartheiser on the Mad Men Wardrobe: "The Fashion Spans Eras"

Vincent Kartheiser Mad Men
Photo: SipaUSA; Courtesy of AMC

Vincent Kartheiser made a very Mad Men-esque appearance at last night’s Macallan/Annie Leibovitz photo exhibit in New York, walking around the Bowery Hotel dressed in a fitted Hugo Boss suit, Scotch in one hand, co-star and girlfriend Alexis Bledel in the other. Feeling Pete Campbell vibes from across the room, we sauntered over to the actor to discuss the show’s buzzed-about fashion. “I think the most interesting thing about our show is that we have fashion not just from our era,” Kartheiser told about costume designer Janie Bryant's Emmy award-winning work on the show. “[Some men on the show are] wearing clothes from five years ago. So we have characters who are still dressing like the 1940s, characters still dressing like the 1950s, and then people who are progressive and dressing right to the height of fashion.” As far as plot progressions go, the details remain under lock-and-key. “I don’t know what year it is, I don’t even know what time of year it is,” Kartheiser said of what to expect. “I called them and said, ‘Should I be tan? Should I be pale?’ And they were like, 'We can’t tell you.' I guess they’ll just pale or tan me as they need.” Too bad we have to wait until the show returns to AMC in 2013 to find out.

Plus, see all the fashion from past seasons.

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