Sarah Silverman Is Not Joking About the Wage Gap
Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

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Pop quiz: Comedians Sarah Silverman and Todd Barry walk into a bar. They each do a 15-minute set. Todd gets paid $60; Sarah gets paid ...

a) $60b) $78c) $10d) Nothing

If you answered (a), you're an optimist and assume everyone is treated fairly. Good for you. If you answered (d), you're a pessimist but a realist. You recognize the gender wage gap still exists. (You must've already visited #ask4more.)

Now, watch kick-ass comedic genius Sarah Silverman reveal the answer in an exclusive video from Levo League

This isn't the first time Silverman has spoken out about the gender wage gap. She's gone through "drastic measures" before, but this time it's personal. Here, she reveals her own experience as a female comedian.