Nate Berkus
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Whether you give or receive flowers this Valentine's Day, author and design guru Nate Berkus has a simple, chic, and homemade way to elegantly display them. His stunning (and inexpensive) white rose arrangement is made using just blooms bought at the grocery store, a pair of scissors, and a glass you likely already have in your kitchen. Read below for a few of Berkus's tips, and watch the video for the full tutorial.

Buying Your Blooms
"Your local deli is one of the best places to source great, inexpensive flowers," says Berkus. "Keep it simple and clean by buying all the same type or all the same color. I especially love roses or hydrangeas, always in white. They feel elegant, no matter the occasion."

Choosing a Vase
"I keep it easy by opting for a short vase. Juice glasses or vintage tumblers are fantastic for thisanything that you can use to build a mound of flowers. Don’t be afraid to improvise and use what you already own," advises Berkus.

Arranging Like a Pro
"Start from the outside and work inwards. You always want to keep them cut low and tightly packed. It creates a really luxe feel, and very little effort is needed," explains Berkus.

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