By Jonathan Borge
Aug 09, 2016 @ 4:00 pm

Could Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda make the world a more peaceful place? All signs point to a yes thanks to their just-released music video for “Love Make the World Go Round.”

The 4-minute track, which is a reaction to both Miranda’s empowering 2016 Tony Awards speech and the tragic shooting inside of a gay nightclub in Orlando in June, is not only inspiring and full of glee, but also comes to life in the new clip. Across several scenes, Lopez and Miranda join forces in the studio not just to record their excellent vocals, but to gyrate from side to side and simply enjoy the hit’s soothing sounds. They also take the stage inside a rehearsal studio where you can see just how well these two work together.

In addition, the music video includes uplifting footage from their Today show performance in July, where hundreds of eager fans cheered them on with a parade of rainbow-colored flags and T-shirts in support of the LGBT community.

Watch the full video above and try not to feel empowered.