Victoria's Secret Is Giving Your Fragrance Lineup the Netflix Treatment

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Switching up your fragrance accordingly with the season almost goes hand-in-hand with resetting your clock for Daylight Saving Time, but the process can be overwhelming if you are not sure what you're looking for or tend to get lost among the countless new perfumes on the market. Enter the seasonal scent collections by Victoria's Secret, which are a no-fuss way to start your spring on the right note—pun completely and totally intended.

Similar to the way Netflix gives you a new series or 10 to binge on at the start of every month, the brand will release four indulgent fragrances that play on a theme evocative of the particular time of year the collection is launched. Today, VS is kicking things off with their citrus collection (above) and will roll out their rose edition in April (below) to celebrate the month that the flower is harvested at its peak.

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"Everyone has their favorite fragrance, but what we are seeing is that consumers want to switch it up. They like evolving their fragrance portfolio with newness," Mark Knitowski, head of product innovation, tells InStyle exclusively. "Many times, it's driven by season. It creates an escape, and I feel these collections really meet that need. You can evolve through the season never being bored."

Once the idea had come to life, Knitowski and the Victoria's Secret team set out on a world tour, trekking to citrus groves in California, Grasse in the South of France, and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, among many other locations to collect unique ingredients for each of the scents. The bottles will be sold individually (though can totally be worn layered), and each scent also gets a counterpart in travel vial, body wash, and body lotion form. Find the Citrus Edition at and in Victoria's Secret stores today priced at $52 per bottle.

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