Chanel Iman - The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Credit: Joyann King

With costume themes like "Star Trooper" and "All Abroad", a New York City setting and new wings designer Alexander Koutny getting inventive with balloons, feathers and plastic, it's no doubt that this year The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is going to be all-out fun. And first-timer Chanel Iman can't wait to strut her stuff! We caught up with the new Angel during her final fitting for tomorrow's show. "I'm just going to do my thing," said the confident supermodel, even suggesting to the show's stylist that they bedazzle her name in pink rhinestones on the back of her runway-look T-shirt. But what is she most excited about? "Next year when I get to actually wear the wings—I don't get to this year!"

Stay tuned for more of our coverage of the sexist fashion show of the year!

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will air on Tuesday, December 1st at 10pm EST on CBS.

Joyann King