When it comes to all-around #goals from fashion to business, no one encapsulates them better than Victoria Beckham. And it seems her children look up to her as much as we all do.

Son Cruz made a very valiant attempt at recreating her signature high-leg pose this weekend—but his photo showed just how hard it is to nail the flexible move.

Here's mom Victoria's original version:

Even in a comfy T-shirt and sweats, Cruz found making the pose look as effortless as his mom does to be a bit of a challenge.

"Not so flexible! @victoriabeckham #yearsofdance 😜," he captioned the hilarious photo.

Older brother Romeo also got in on the fun and inscribed his black-and-white photo attempt of the high kick with, “Why on earth am I not flexible? #notsoflexible @victoriabeckham.”

They’re not the only ones to have given the pose a go. Kourtney Kardashian executed it flawlessly on Instagram just last month.

And Victoria's BFF Eva Longoria offered a variation on it in May 2016:

This gives all new meaning to the phrase "bend it like Beckham," doesn't it? BRB, as we attempt it ourselves.