Victoria Beckham and Kourtney Kardashian Are Having the Strangest Convo Using Their Legs

Victoria Beckham is taking the phrase "let your feet do the talking" to a whole new level.

The designer is already known for the hilarious leg-in-the-air photos she occasionally posts on Instagram where she looks entirely unbothered while sticking a leg up, but when Kourtney Kardashian jumped in on the fun, VB had to get another word (err—leg) in too.

Kardashian took to Instagram on Wednesday with a leggy picture of her own and captioned the photo, "Victoria, I'll call u later I just got back from the football game." Pretty funny if you ask us.

It seems that Beckham herself found the picture amusing as well. On Thursday, she posted a photo directly in response to Kardashian's Instagram where her leg was—once again—straight in the air.

Beckham wore a sly smile, a silk robe, and a towel wrapped around her head as she stuck her bare leg straight up, showing off her impressive flexibility.

"Right back at you @kourtneykardash x VB," she captioned the picture, before plugging her new beauty collection with Estée Lauder with the hashtag #VBxEsteeLauder.

This is the celebrity friendship we didn't know we needed. We hope the two stars (and their legs) stay Insta-BFFs for a long time to come.

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