Victoria Beckham
Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

It’s almost supernatural the way Victoria Beckham stays so beautifully groomed and camera-ready despite rushing between business meetings, not to mention looking after a toddler. But she always carries a small arsenal of on-the-go beauty aids in her handbag (currently the Small City Victoria model from her own collection) to maintain her perfection.

The Spice Girl (and 2015 InStyle Social Media Awards nominee—vote for her here) revealed to London’s Sunday Times that for on-the-go hand care, she uses a small tube of Weleda Skin Food hand cream ($19 for 2.5 oz.; and CND Solar Oil Mini cuticle oil ($9 for .25 oz.;, which she applies twice daily because, she said, “my manicurist once told me to treat my nails as jewels, not tools.”

Other makeup pouch favorites include Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream ($21;, Byredo Blanche Perfume Roll-On Oil ($78;, and Caudalie Beauty Elixir ($49;, an instant hydration aid that refreshes office-dried skin.

If you’re wondering what else the Beckham bag contains, other contents include sunglasses, leather wallet, and card holder—all from her own line—a Mophie phone charger, a Lanvin Love Bow pen, and some of Harper’s favorite toys (which currently include My Little Pony.)

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