Lara Walsh
Mar 30, 2017 @ 9:30 am

Get ready to spice up your life, because Victoria Beckham is lending her vocals to an upcoming episode of Carpool Karaoke!

The VB designer and fashionista, who first pouted her way into our hearts as Posh Spice in '90s girl band Spice Girls, is officially taking a trip down memory lane by revisiting her music roots in the incredibly popular segment. Beckham announced the fantastic new in a teaser video shared to her Instagram story.

In the clip, we see what appears to be a typical day in the life of Victoria as the chic entrepreneur gets dolled up for the day by celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves. That's when things take a surprise turn as the mom-of-four then hops into the Carpool Karaoke car alongside none other than Late Late Show funnyman James Corden, who hosts the singalong segment and viral sensation.

Victoria Beckham

"We are here to film Carpool Karaoke," the brunette stunner announces in the video before flashing the camera over to her fellow Brit. "Here's James."

Victoria Beckham

Watch her full teaser here: 

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While there's no word yet on when we will see Beckham spicing up the drive around Los Angeles, we've compiled a list of the best of the Spice Girls that we're sure will be reprised with plenty of '90s dance moves and—crossing our fingers on this one—maybe a surprise guest star from the girl band!

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