Venus Williams Does the Cutest Thing on Her Day off

She calls her dad!

Venus Williams - Lead
Photo: Courtesy

Being Venus Williams isn't easy. The tennis star, who holds seven Grand Slam singles titles and four Olympic gold medals, just returned from Rio and has already begun training for her next conquest: the U.S. Open (she even partnered with American Express on a series of ads for the tournament). And while her final match may seem far off now, she's already relishing the opportunity for a much-deserved break. "I like to take a day off," she recently told InStyle over the phone. "It's good to indulge and rest your body and mind."

So, what would a typical day of rest entail for Williams? "I'd wake up, have a glass of fresh orange juice, and call my dad," she said. "After that, I'd go to a dance class at Sean's Dance Factory—I like contemporary and hip-hop. Then I'd take a nap and do some work—both of my companies [Ed. note: her clothing brand, EleVen, and her interior design firm, V Starr] are in the same office, so that makes it pretty easy. For dinner, I'd get vegetable fried rice at a hibachi restaurant. I've really been digging fried rice lately."

Playing competitive sports well into your 30s has its challenges, but for Williams, they're more emotional than physical. "I think the biggest challenge is missing your family and missing out on living a regular life," she said. "I travel so much. As you get older, you start to really feel the sacrifices you make." As for the grueling practices? "As long as you work hard, it's not that bad."

And that's why she's a champion, folks.

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