Credit: allanface/Instagram

Wonder Woman is one of those movies that, after we finally wiped the tears of joy from our eyes from that battle scene, made us leave the theater wanting to take on the world, fight the good fight, and talk about it in every situation possible. How many times can we bring up Wonder Woman in a given conversation? Who knows! Clearly, makeup artist Allan Avendaño was just as inspired, as evidenced by the metallic eye makeup he created on Vanessa Hudgens.

For the Moschino Resort Show in Hollywood yesterday, the makeup artist contrasted the warm gold and shadows with a graphic silver wing that would certainly do Diana, Princess of the Amazons, so proud. We love how it played off of the tones in her mirror-adorned dress, but completely stood out on its own.

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For a dramatic look like this, a reliable shadow primer is key to keeping the shadows from moving around. Start wtih an even layer, then use a flat shadow brush to apply a yellow-gold hue all over your lid—you can wet the color for a more vivid impact a la Hudgens. Use a blender brush to swirl a deep red into your crease, then follow with a neutral tone close to that of your complexion to diffuse the shade.

You'll want to swipe on your black liner prior to the silver wing, as it sort of creates the groundwork for the graphic shape. Use a liquid formula to extend the line into an outward flick, then trace over the top with a silver color. If you don't have a silver liquid liner, mix silver eyeshadow with water or a mixing medium, then use an angled brush to create the shape. Take the end of the silver wing, sweep it upwards into the crease, and finish with a few generous coats of mascara.