By Faith Cummings
Updated Sep 26, 2017 @ 9:15 am

Vanessa Hudgens already drummed up a super-cool Halloween costume for this year's festivities, and the actress's current love for latex was a huge inspiration.

"Because I wore latex to Las Vegas recently for the [Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor] fight, I was like, 'This is fun,'" the Grease Live! star stated in an interview with People. "'When's another time you can wear latex?' "And I was like, 'Halloween!' So I'm trying to find a good, legit Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer costume."

Last year, Hudgens was influenced by American Horror Story: Coven for her Halloween getup. "[I] went to New Orleans with my little sister [Stella Hudgens] and we literally wore all black," she stated. "Any time we would come into a store they'd say, 'Oh the witches have arrived!'"

The So You Think You Can Dance judge will turn to AHS again this year for her annual Halloween party in New York City, which will have a Freak Show theme. "I'm trying to find all the props and secondary is the costume," Hudgens confirmed. "I don't hire someone to do [the event planning]. I do it all myself."

We cannot wait to see how her costume and celebration turn out!