Vanessa Hudgens Blonde Hair
Credit: Michael Simon/; Premiere/Rocstar/CPR/FameFlynet Pictures

While most celebrities at Coachella are working maxi dresses and flower crowns, Vanessa Hudgens gave her bohemian ensemble an extra-daring twist by donning sunny blonde highlights. The star was spotted on the festival grounds in noticeably lighter strands, and even in the desert heat, her tousled waves looked flawless from under her wide-brim hat. Hudgens last went solid blonde for her role in Spring Breakers, and has since tried out a fall-leaf inspired ombre effect. If the past is telling, she's not quite done experimenting -- though she has learned from her mistakes. "When I was 7, I gave myself a bob and bangs. It was really sad. I looked like I had worms on my head," she previously confessed to InStyle. "I went through a stage where I had burgundy hair, which was frightening, and I had light brown hair with light blond highlights. It looked so bad! My friend said it looked like I'd dipped my hair in ashes."