Lindsey Wixson - Cat Eye - Lead 2016
Credit: Matteo Valle/Getty

If trying to draw on the perfect feline-flick always leaves your eyes red, watery, and ready to cancel on your friends via a message in your group text, Vamp Stamp is the answer to making it on-time to all future evening plans.

The tool is the brainchild of Veronica Lorenz, makeup artist and one of the co-creators of the game-changing original BeautyBlender. Sure the tool would save Lorenz some time with herr celeb clients like Sofia Vergara, but its incarnation also came out of practicality. “Three years ago I lost the feeling in both of my hands and partial use of them due to a benign cervical spinal cord tumor. To lose the ability to easily do makeup, something I truly love to do, was a life changer for me,” she tells InStyle. “As a result, I am always searching for methods to make the application process more accessible with a significant loss of dexterity. What comes from that is that it makes application easier for everyone, so that is the icing on the cake!”

Here’s how it works: Coat the stamp with your favorite eyeliner—Lorenz recommends a non-waterproof gel or liquid formula—and line it up to the outer corner of your eye. Next, choose the angle you want your cat eye to be and stamp it—it’s really that easy. To complete the look, you'll have to connect the stamped wing to the line you drew on your waterline but the two-step process is worth it for a precise, dramatic wing.

Although Vamp Stamp is extremely user-friendly for novices and pros, expect to practice a bit when you first pick up the tool. “The learning curve is really only about placement, motion, and making sure the stamp has a sufficient deposit of ink on it," Lorenz says.

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Keep an eye out for the tool’s first shape, “VaVaVroom," which comes in two sizes, in early 2017 at In the meantime, watch a few sneak peeks of the stamp in action.