Now that the Obamas' days in the White House are coming to an end, Kerry Washington is revealing how wild those star-studded bashes really got. The Scandal star attended the president's final White House soirée on Jan. 6, and explained how Usher helped keep the party going.

"We tried to go home around 1 [a.m.], and as we were leaving, Usher approached my husband and I and was like, 'Oh no, you can't leave. It's just about to get started.' And like, you don't walk away from Usher when he tells you a party's about to get started," she told Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday's show. "And we were like, 'Oh man, we've got to go back in.' And it was worth it. It was amazing," she added, revealing that they danced until 3:30 in the morning.

"He's a terrible influence, that Usher," she joked.

While DeGeneres wasn't in attendance for the final bash, she did go to the president's 2016 birthday party, where Usher apparently killed it on the dance floor with a certain First Daughter. "I was watching Usher dance with Sasha [Obama], which was quite something. She's an amazing dancer. Sasha's really good," the host revealed.

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Washington's ties to the White House go even further than her friendship with the Obamas. Her hit show, Scandal, follows a presidential election that ended up being a lot closer to real life than creator Shonda Rhimes had originally planned.

"We shot the episodes way before the real election, so we were just following the story of what they thought was best for these characters, but it will be hard to believe that we didn't know about our election because it's so surreal what happens on the show," the mom of two said. "Shonda was thinking about doing a Russian hacking story toward the end of the season which we had to scrap because it used to be that Scandal was this crazy show that was outside the realm of possibility. Not anymore."

Watch the clip above for more truth bombs from the actress.