Here’s Why Everyone Thought Donald Trump Just Resigned

What the hell is going on at the State Department?

On Monday afternoon, as House Democrats were pushing for President Donald Trump's impeachment, Twitter users noticed that the United States State Department website was offering up strange information about both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

According to the State Department's page on Donald J. Trump, there was a clear end date to his presidency — except it wasn't January 20, 2021, and it kept changing. Users noticed the glitching and few could offer any reasonable explanation. Messages read "Michael R. Pence's term ended on 2021-01-11 19:41:00" and "Donald J. Trump's term ended on 2021-01-11 19:40:41," though the times shifted as people refreshed the pages.

Many believed that the times and dates referenced the possible resignation of the president and vice president. If the cryptic news was true, it would put House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the president of the United States.

BuzzFeed reported that the issues could be due to a "disgruntled staffer," with a source saying that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has ordered an investigation into the matter.

Other individual biography pages seemed unaffected. The State Department's Twitter feed didn't mention the changes, choosing instead to promote Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's speaking engagement.

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