Credit: ImaxTree, Brian Henn/Time Inc Digital Studios (2)

Game-changing beauty products are always on our radar, so when we spotted a makeup tool that looked more like a tiny shower scrubber, it’s safe to say it piqued our interest.

The fluffy paddle you’re seeing above is actually Laura Geller’s Lambswool Soft Focus Make-up Blender, something the pro considers to be her secret weapon. So, how does it work? Rather than grabbing a tissue or using your fingers to correct an uneven makeup application (which can often make matters worse), the super soft wool will blend and buff away the excess. According to Geller, it especially comes in handy when you want to soften the look of cream or powder blush. And caring for it is surprisingly easy, too. To keep it clean, just wash with soap and water like you would any ordinary brush and let it air dry.

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