Game of Thrones Filter - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy HBO

As most of us Game of Thrones fans are well aware, the beloved HBO series returns with new episodes on Sunday, July 16, and Snapchat is celebrating accordingly. The app unveiled a new filter dedicated to the White Walkers because, you know, winter is here. But like the creepy undead villains, it’s a little hard to put your finger on, in that it’s totally hidden.

In order to unlock the secret filter, open up Snapchat and take a picture of this Snapcode. The Snap will unlock the new lens, which is only available for one hour after being unlocked.

Game of Thrones Filter - EMBED
Credit: GameOfThrones/Twitter

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In selfie mode, the filter turns you into a White Walker with glowing blue eyes, and your background is transformed into a wintery landscape.

But what might even be cooler is what happens when you flip the camera around and use the front-facing view. Your room will transform into a snowy landscape complete with a creepy White Walker—and a Dragonglass dagger. Throw the dagger at the White Walker by pressing on your screen, and just like Jon Snow, you can put an end to the undead.

Get your kicks in now with this Snapchat lens, because come Sunday, all eyes will be on the TV screen.